ArtRage Exhibit: CARVING THROUGH BORDERS 6/10-7/7


June 10, 2017 to July 7, 2017

Opening Reception ~ Saturday, June 10th from 7-9pm
Special guest Holly Greenberg

Fifteen artists of diverse immigrant backgrounds were invited to create large-scale woodcuts depicting images and messages inspired by their experiences as documented or undocumented citizens. The themes explore deportation, justice, worker’s rights, the immigrant’s contributions to society and the freedom to move across borders. Artists worked for months carving their imagery into large wood panels, utilizing a printmaking process (some working in the medium for the very first time) that has a long history for disseminating information and rallying change.

Professor Holly Greenberg and students from the Syracuse University printmaking program traveled to San Francisco in 2014 and set up a pop-up printmaking studio on the streets of the Mission District. Working side by side, the students and artists printed the large-scale (7’x3′) woodcuts on fabric with a two-ton steamroller. The resulting impressions are intended to be used as banners in political marches and protests across the United States where immigration policy change is currently challenged. Carving Through Borders illustrates various aspects of migration—detention, deportation, displacement, discrimination—and also communities’ resistance and resilience.

Video link: Carving Through Borders Syracuse University

Rally for Dolores’ at Her Next Court Date Wednesday 5-17

Please join this rally in support of Dolores Bustamante, our friend and board member who has her immigration court date coming up this Wednesday at 2pm in Batavia. There will be a rally in solidarity starting at 1pm. If you are in Syracuse and would like to come with a solidarity group going from this region, please send us a message. We plan on leaving at 11 am from Syracuse. Estamos con Dolores!

Procession Of Neighbors: In Support of Refugees

Sunday May 7, 2017, members of the WCCNY, CNY Solidarity Coalition, Syracuse Peace Council and Veterans for Peace, joined Catholic Charities of Onondaga County, along with InterFaith Works, in a prayerful procession in solidarity with refugees. The procession began around 3:00pm in front of White Branch Library on Butternut St. making brief stops at several faith locations along the Northside as the route looped back to its conclusion at White Branch Library.

Assemblywoman Pamela Hunter Agrees to Cosponsor Bill Expanding Access to Driver’s License’s

Pictured from left to right: Carol Baum, Peter McCarthy, Pamela Hunter, Nikeeta Slade, and Diana Ryan

Thursday May 4, 2017, we met with Assemblywoman Pamela Hunter to ask her to cosponsor the bill in the assembly  (Assembly Bill No. A4050) to expand access to drivers’ licenses regardless of immigration status. We are happy to report that she agreed to be a cosponsor! Please call Assemblywoman Hunter at (315) 449-9536 and thank her for supporting licenses for all in New York! Find out more actions you can take below:

Dear friend,

If New York is serious about protecting our undocumented immigrant communities from abusive immigration enforcement, then the time to pass bill A4050 and restore access to drivers licenses, is right now.


In 2002, New York made the cruel and irresponsible decision to strip hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers of their driver’s licenses based on their immigration status. Suddenly, a simple traffic infraction had the real consequence of escalating to arrest and deportation. This has never been more true than under the current federal regime.

Today, New York falls shamefully behind the rest of the country, where more than 12 states, Washington DC, and Puerto Rico made the choice to put good policy before politics and successfully pass legislation that provides driver’s license access to their undocumented residents.


On May 4th, all across New York State, members of the Green Light NY: Driving Together Coalition are meeting with Assembly Members to ask for their full support of bill A4050. To win this fight we need them to also hear from you – their constituents!

1) CALLCall your NY Assembly Member today and ask them to sign-on in support of bill A4050 to restore access to drivers licenses, regardless of immigration status! This is the best way to support today and it only takes 3 minutes of your time.

2) TWEET: Post a tweet that publicly shows your support for the bill. Tag your assembly member and #GreenLightNY. Example: @CarlEHeastie The time has come to support bill A4050 and restore drivers licenses for #immigrantNY – Support #GreenLightNY today!

3) SHARE: Help us build support by forwarding this email to your networks and reposting our facebook and twitter posts on your social media.

4) FOLLOW: Follow the Green Light NY: Driving together campaign on Facebook and Twitter so you can help with #3 and stay updated on the campaign.

5) THANK: Call or tweet the current bill sponsors – Assembly Member Francisco MoyaAssembly Member Phil RamosAssembly Member Kevin Cahill. Thank them for stepping up to support the bill and ask them to prioritize its passage in 2017.


Green Light NY General Overview

Green Light NY Fact & Fiction

Fiscal Policy Institute Statewide Impact Analysis

Comptroller Stringer NYC Impact Analysis


Primero Mayo/May Day Rally Success!

This gallery contains 36 photos.

We had a FANTASTIC May Day/Day Without Immigrants in here Syracuse. The march was very energetic, we heard from sharp and amazing speakers, and we had amazing turnout. We would like to say thank you again to the International Socialist … Continue reading

May 10th, ArtRage Event: Food Chains Documentary Screening

Food Chains screening

May 10, 2017
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm @ ArtRage 505 Hawley Avenue Syracuse, NY
Food Chains reveals the human cost in our food supply and the complicity of large buyers of produce like fast food and supermarkets. Fast food is big, but supermarkets are bigger – earning $4 trillion globally. They have tremendous power over the agricultural system. Over the past 3 decades they have drained revenue from their supply chain leaving farmworkers in poverty and forced to work under subhuman conditions. Yet many take no responsibility for this.

The narrative of the film focuses on an intrepid and highly lauded group of tomato pickers from Southern Florida – the Coalition of Immokalee Workers or CIW – who are revolutionizing farm labor. Their story is one of hope and promise for the triumph of morality over corporate greed – to ensure a dignified life for farm workers and a more humane, transparent food chain.

Food Chains premiered at the 2014 Berlin Film Festival and screened subsequently at the Tribeca Film Festival and Guadalajara Film Festival.

Free to the Public

Workers’ Memorial Day April 28, 2017: We mourn the dead and fight like hell for the living

Going to work shouldn’t be a grave mistake.

We remember Carlos Moncayo and other New York State workers who were killed, injured or got sick because their employers ignored the health and safety laws We want the NYS government to:

  •  prosecute employers who ignore health and safety laws and allow people working for them to die, get hurt or become ill
  • raise the state’s minimum penalty to at least $1 million for corporate (in)action that leads to workers’ deaths/injuries/illnesses/diseases, and increase the felony class from C to E

Workers’ Memorial Day April 28, 2017 at Clinton Square, Syracuse — 12pm – 1pm (In case of rain: 1199 SEIU, 250 S. Clinton St. 1st floor conference room) We will gather to name and remember the 40-some workers who died in the region in the last year, just because they went to work. We will remember the many others who died anonymously of occupational diseases. We will stand in solidarity to fight for healthy and safe workplaces.

Help Arely stay with her family! Fundraiser in Support of Arely Tomas


On March 29th our friend Arely Tomas, member of the Workers’ Center of Central New York, mother, advocate for social justice, and friend, had an appointment with ICE for a “check-in.” With increasing (and worrying) frequency, ICE is detaining immigrants at these “check-ins”  nationwide. On this day many friends and allies held a rally to be in solidarity with Arely. She  was not detained at this check-in, but we are concerned she might face deportation proceedings at her next check-in on Wednesday, April 26th -which happens to be her young seven year old daughters’ birthday. She contacted an immigration lawyer and now she needs support to help cover the expensive legal fees.

Arely’s husband accompanied her to this check-in for moral support, and ICE agents took advantage of this opportunity and asked Arely’s husband intrusive questions. ICE agents went so far as to threaten her husband with a “check-in” in Buffalo, NY.

Arely has a working permit, which means she is authorized to work in the United States. If deported, her 10, 8, and 7 year-old children will be separated from their mother. Moreover, if her husband is also deported, their children will be stripped away from their parents. The Tomas children live with a constant fear of law enforcement.
This is an URGENT call for those who identify with Arely’s cause and an URGENT call for all allies.

Donate as emergency support for Arely and her family. Support their courage and help them in their time of need. Emergency donations will fund legal fees and related expenses resulting from dealing with their case(s) (like gas and childcare).

Let’s all chip-in for Arely and her family—a family that has been threatened to be torn apart! Let’s fight  to keep Arely’s  family and other immigrant families together! We have vowed to be there for all immigrants when Trump’s agents attack. Let’s show our neighbors they have our support. We will not look away this time. We will not let our neighbors suffer alone.




#SHUTITDOWN Worker’s Strike May 1st

Join us International Workers Day May 1, 2017 in a general strike and day without worker’s as we gather to protest the worsening conditions for workers across the country.

#May1Strike | #ShutItDownMay1

Do you refuse to stay silent as government and corporate interests:

  • Escalate immigration raids that are shattering families
  • Violate Native sovereignty and ban Muslims because of their faith
  • Increase the criminalization of Black and Brown communities and exclude trans people from public life
  • Drive down wages, safety protections, and organizing rights while rapidly destroying the environment

Our Demand

We strike together for a world where the most marginalized working families live with dignity, safety, and power.

We need to show this Administration, Congress and large corporate interests that our human and economic worth is more powerful than their agenda of hate and greed. Opposing Trump is not enough. We must stop him.

#may1strike is an invitation from the Food Chain Workers Alliance and SEIU USWW to build a General Strike on International Workers Day. Stand with us to pledge your participation and take the Actions below to get involved now

Further Information:

How to Participate on May 1st

Buzzfeed Article on May 1st Worker’s strike

SAVE THE DATE 4/28/17 for Workers Memorial Day 2017

Workers’ Memorial Day Syracuse

Friday, April 28, Noon
Clinton Square
To remember workers killed, injured and made sick by their job

Facebook event:

“On April 28, the unions of the AFL-CIO observe Workers Memorial Day to remember those who have suffered and died on the job and to renew the fight for safe jobs. This year we will come together to defend hard-won victories by working people from attacks by right-wing Republicans and business groups. We will commit to fighting until all workers have safe jobs and the freedom to form unions to seek a better future.

We must fight back. We cannot and will not let them turn back the clock and destroy the progress we have made to make jobs safer and save lives.

Please join us on Workers Memorial Day as we continue the fight for safe jobs