Nuestra próxima llamada del consejo es hoy 18 de septiembre a las 7pm!

Our monthly call for community members is tonight 9/18 at 7pm the call in information is below. The call is held in Spanish.
Nuestra próxima llamada del consejo es hoy 18 de septiembre a las 7pm.  La información de como conectarse se encuentra abajo.  La llamada del consejo es en español.

Como conectarse

1. Llamar al +1 646 558 8656

2.  Marcar clave “908 728 614#” para conectarse

3. Marcar el signo numeral “#” de nuevo

O para conectarse con video:

Today we will discuss:
  • Strategy and Political Implications of DACA/TPS
  • Updates in the Policy
  • Planning of Consejo Retreat
Escribo para acordarles que hoy tenemos una llamada con el consejo a las 7pm para discutir:
  • La estrategia y el impacto de DACA y TPS
  • compartir nueva información sobre la legislacions
  • Planes para el retiro

Clínica Legal Gratis para DACA/Free DACA Legal Clinic


Date: Sunday, September 24th 2017
Time: 11:00 AM—2:00 PM
Location: 221 South Warren Street, Syracuse

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Westcott Cultural Fair – We need volunteers!!

Sunday, September 17th 12pm-6pm (10am-12pm for set up)
This Sunday, September 17th, we will be tabling at the Westcott Street Cultural Fair. We will be sharing a booth with our friends at the Syracuse Peace Council. We will be selling WCCNY, Green Light, and immigrant rights buttons made by members of the Workers’ Center, Zapatista coffee, t-shirts, and much more. We also need volunteers to help with set-up and hellp staffing the table. Set up will start at 10am and the fair ends at 6pm, so the we need coverage the following shifts: 10am-12pm, 12pm-2pm, 2pm-4pm, 4pm-6pm. Please email Nikeeta at nslade@workerscentercnyorg if you’re able to take a shift (it would be ideal to have 2 people per shift)! The proceeds from the sale will go to supporting our amazing worker leaders! Thanks in advance and we are going to have a great time at the fair!

Defend DACA Action Update

We would like to thank the New York Immigration Coalition, the CNY Solidarity Coalition, the International Socialist Organization and all others for helping to plan  and attending the rally and being in solidarity with DACA recipients last week at Katko’s office. Over a 100 people attended and called on Kakto to support permanent protection for immigrant youth with no strings attached. We also called on Katko to reject the expansion of the H2A guestworker program which would have a devastating effect on immigrant agricultural workers here in upstate New York. After the rally several of us went to deliver a letter to Congressman Katko demanding immediate action to pass legislation on immigration reform for all. We tried to go to his office but we were denied entrance when someone from his office claimed no one was there to see us. Unfortunately this is another example of Congressman Katko’s strategy to hide from the people he is accountable to. Elected officials like Katko can no longer choose to sit on the sidelines. They must demonstrate concrete support of immigrants in this climate of virulent, anti-immigrant sentiment and policies.

Also, be sure to check out this great piece in the New York Daily News from long time DACA advocate Cesar Vargas calling on governors across the country to support drivers’ licenses for all, regardless of immigration status. The Green Light campaign to expand access licenses to all is also another important and concrete thing New York state legislators can do right now to show their solidarity with immigrants here in New York state. If you’re interested in learning more about how to get involved with the campaign email Nikeeta at article on the action

Spectrum News Article

Defend DACA Rally

Tuesday, Sept. 5th at 12:00pm
440 S Warren St, Syracuse, NY 13202-2604
This coming Tuesday we will be holding a demonstration in defense of DACA, the program that has provided 50,000 New Yorkers protection from deportation. As many of you know Trump is now planning to rescind this important program. We will pack the first floor of Katko’s office to demand that he denounce this vicious and mean spirited attack on young immigrant members of our community and to make sure that he knows that the people of Upstate New York are calling on him to #DefendDACA and all 11 million undocumented immigrants.

Last month, 10 anti-immigrant Attorneys General issued an ultimatum to the Trump Administration: either end the DACA program by September 5 or we’ll take you to court. So far, Trump has not responded. But we must be ready for whatever happens.

New York Immigration Coalition is working together with the Worker Center of CNY to plan a public response in Syracuse. We are planning to target Katko locally. We will gather on the S. Warren St. side of the Galleries!

Please contact Nikeeta ( or Meghan ( if you are willing to stand up as an ally and take a stand for immigrants rights.

Together we will fight to Defend DACA! Thank you for your continued support of all New Yorkers!

Chobani Meeting Update!

The past couple of months, many of you have written messages to Chobani urging them to meet with us to talk about our MILKED report.  We are excited to report that a few weeks ago, on August. 18th, we met with representatives from Chobani and discussed our MILKED report which details the conditions that workers face on dairy farms. Worker-leaders shared powerful testimonies about the preventable deaths and injuries, wage theft, retaliation against workers for speaking out, and other pressing issues. This meeting is the beginning of what we hope is an on-going dialogue to address the systemic abuses and exploitation in the dairy industry. We thank you all for all of your support, whether it was sending messages, circulating the report, or attending the rally in front of Chobani in New York City. Thanks and we will continue to keep you all updated!

Update on Slocum House

Slocum House Victory
Yesterday, our friends with the Radical Education Collective (REC) held a rally calling on Jail Ministry Director Keith Cieplicki  and co-founder Bill Cuddy to not evict farmworkers living in Slocum House. We are ecstatic to announce that after another amazing display of powerful collective action, Bill Cuddy (founder of Jail Ministries in Syracuse) announced that Slocum will continue to house farmworkers indefinitely, so they can continue their inspiring labor organizing work. The rally in front of Slocum House featured energetic chanting and farmworkers and community allies stressing the importance of why access to housing is so essential to immigrant workers who are fighting for dignity and respect. Fernando’s victory is a true testament to the heartening organizing farmworkers are able to participate in and lead when they have access to housing. In the span of two days, we have seen and demonstrated that collective action continues to get the goods! Thank you so much for standing with the Farmworkers being evicted from Slocum house and the Workers’ Center of CNY. Your solidarity and your presence made a difference! You can read the REC’s full statement here.

Message from Rebecca:

Dear all, thank you so much for standing with the Farmworkers being evicted from Slocum house and the Workers’ Center of CNY. Your solidarity and your presence made a difference. Thanks to all of you we won and indefinite stay for the workers at the house, so there is no more eviction notice, of course this only happened because we all did this together and showed up. We asked this decision to be in writing because of our past interactions with Jail Ministry and Slocum House. We advocated for the house to be a true ongoing sanctuary for Farmworkers but it is not in their hearts, they have given up, they do not remember or they do not know what solidarity is.

We know true friends in solidarity and Farmworkers will come together to make true sanctuary in Syracuse. No ban, no wall, sanctuary for ALL.

Solidarity Rally with Evicted Farmworkers!

We are calling on ALL community members that support immigrant farmworkers fighting for dignity and respect to attend this action. The time is NOW!

On July 27th, Workers’ Center member Fernando led a rally and campaign to retrieve his stole wages from Frazee Farms in Fabius, NY. We are extremely proud to report and celebrate a victory in this campaign! On Aug. 14th, Fernando received a check for $7,167.81. In his demand letter to the employer he initially demanded $8,000 but after negotiations, agreed on the $7,167. Time and time again, we see that collective action gets the goods!

Fernando’s story also demonstrates why having access to housing is absolutely essential for farmworkers who are organizing and taking risks. Fernando was fired from the farm because he was sick and unable to go to work. Homeless and with no job, Fernando was on the verge of taking a bus to Texas, where he knew absolutely no one. Luckily, because farmworkers who are standing up for justice and organizing have had a place to stay at Slocum House, he was able to lead this victorius campaign to get back the wages that were stolen from him.

Unfortunately, the solidarity that farmworkers thought they were being extended was not solidarity at all but charity, and it has unjustly and abruptly come to an end. On July 27th–the same day that Fernando led this courageous campaign–Keith Cieplicki and Bill Cuddy from Slocum House and Jail Ministries, left a note under the doors of farmworkers living there, advising them to be out of the house by September 1st. with a possible extension to October 1st.

We are very saddened by Keith Cieplicki and Bill Cuddy’s decision, as well as Andrew Lunetta’s participation in this “transition” as they have called it. Syracuse, a sanctuary city, can not be the place where social justice organizations betray immigrants in this way. On behalf of the workers currently at Slocum House, as well as activists and the WCCNY, we invite you to join us to celebrate our victory with Fernando and to talk about next steps to fighting for REAL hospitality, sanctuary, and solidarity with farmworkers. #SanctuaryIsNotTemporary #DontEvictFarmworkers #SolidarityNOTCharity

Fernando Wins Back Stolen Wages!

On July 27th, WCCNY member Fernando along with the support of other workers and allies, led an action at Frazee Farms to retrieve his stolen wages. At this farm, the employer paid Fernando subminimum wages, took illegal deductions, and withheld one of Fernando’s paycheck.To add insult to injury, the employer fired Fernando for missing two days of work because he was sick. Because the employer provides not only the job, but housing, Fernando was without a job, on the brink of homeless. Fernando called the Workers’ Center and with access to housing, and support from the organization, he led a collective action to demand his stolen wages back. At the action, Fernando told his history and delivered a letter to the employer demanding $8,000 in stolen wages and damages. Feeling the strength and power of the collective action, the employer called the next day and offered a measly $400. We held firm, and after a short period of negotiation, on Monday August 14th, Fernando received his check for over $7,000 in stolen wages and damages!!We would like to sincerely thank all of you for your support!

MILKED Report Panel – Ithaca

Monday, July 31st at 7pm
The Tompkins County Immigrant Rights Coalition has invited farmworkers, researchers, and organizers from the WorkersCenter of CNY and the Worker Justice Center of New to speak on a panel about the MILKED report which documents the living and working conditions of dairy farmworkers in upstate New York. Join us to find out more about the report findings and about what we can do next to support the rights of immigrant dairy workers in New York.

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