WCCNY Ten Year Anniversary Fundraising Drive!

Workers’ Center of CNY Celebrates Ten Year Anniversary!


Here at the Workers’ Center of CNY we are always working and fighting hard for the rights and dignity of immigrants and workers. Now that Donald Trump, an anti-immigrant, racist, xenophobe, is president, we are committed to fighting even harder. While we are deeply unsettled and disturbed by all that Trump represents and stands for–misogyny, racism, exploiting and abusing workers–we are also encouraged and excited that this year marks the Workers’ Center of CNY’s ten year anniversary!

In the past decade, we have won many important victories. From organizing guest workers at the NY State Fair to end exploitation, abuse, and human trafficking of workers, to our farmworker leaders standing up against retaliation, intimidation, workplace violence at Marks Farm in Lowville. In the next two weeks, we will stroll down memory lane to highlight more of the victories we have accomplished.

We want to continue to grow our base so that we can win even more victories. That is why we are reaching out to you for support. We are kicking off a two week fundraising campaign to raise $5000 to support immigrant worker organizing. When you donate, you are supporting local workers and immigrants fighting for fair, just, and dignified, workplaces and communities.
The funds raised during this campaign will go towards funding “Know Your Rights”, transportation costs for outreach, the Green Light campaign to expand access to driver’s licenses for all, our newly formed theater troupe “Teatro de los Trabajadores,” and our Women’s Group committee. All of these programs are essential for building our organizational capacity so that we can continue fighting for dignity and respect in central New York.
Si se puede!



Friday November 18th was the National Day of Action Against Wage Theft. Across the country, workers’ centers and other groups brought attention to this important issue. The Workers’ Center of Central New York (WCCNY) organized a rally and a street theater performance to raise awareness about and call for an end to the wage theft epidemic.


What is wage theft? Wage theft is an epidemic, it means paying workers below minimum wage, forcing workers to work off the clock, not paying overtime, missclassifying workers, and/or not paying workers at all.


Approximately 80% of workers never recover their wages. That is Workers’ Center of CNY rallied to send a message to enforcement agencies and to employers that wage theft will not be tolerated in their communities.



Remember the Dead, Fight for the Living at the Workers’ Center

It was a great day of resistance, a day to remember our ancestors, fallen workers and the victims of police violence. We invited the community to be in solidarity with the #Buffalo25. Thanks to all of you who joined us and to our WCCNY members who participated. What a beautiful night to remember the dead and fight for the living.



Dia de los Muertos/Day of the Dead

Join us at our Day of the Dead Fundraiser Wednesday Nov 2nd at 6pm!



WCCNY Supports #Buffalo25

buffalo25solidarityFrom Movimiento Cosecha:

This last week, ICE raided 4 Mexican restaurants in Buffalo, NY and detained 25 undocumented workers. ICE separated their family, ransacked their homes, and stole their savings. They are in need of support for rent, food, and legal fees.

Please support the #Buffalo25 and their families facing this crisis: bit.ly/buffalo25fund


Esta última semana, ICE allano 4 restaurantes de comida mexicana en Buffalo, Nueva York y detuvo a 25 trabajadores indocumentados. ICE saqueó las casas de estas familias, robó sus ahorros, y estan creando terror entre la comunidad. Estas son 25 familias cuyas vidas han desgarradas y ahora están separadas.

Por favor apoyan el #Buffalo25 y su familias en este momento de crisis:bit.ly/buffalo25fund





Teatro de los Trabajadores debut!

We want to thank everyone for coming out to see Teatro de los Trabajadores, the newly formed Workers’ Center of CNY theater troupe, debut “Raining Rocks” along with the our compañeros from the Building Company Theater. All of the actors and the actresses in the play did an amazing job and we are extremely proud. We are very happy to continue building our repertory based on workers stories and our campaigns.

After the debut of the play we continued to use theater during a Health and Safety training where we talked about how we can fight health and safety violations in our workplaces. Thanks to everyone for participating!

"Raining Rocks" Workers' Theatre first play coming up this friday, September 30



WCCNY Orientation and Health & Safety Training Thurs. Sept. 22nd

Do injustice and exploitation get you angry? Don’t you wish you had more power at your workplace or in your community? Do you believe society could be more just?Do you believe that there is strength in numbers? If you answered yes to any of these questions come join us this Thursday, Sept. 22nd! This Thursday the Workers’ Center of CNY will be holding an orientation and a Health and Safety training at 6 pm. The first part of the workshop will be an introduction to the Workers’ Center. Members will share information about the various campaigns we are working on and also talking about what it means to be a member of the organization. The second part of the workshop will be a workers’ rights training on health and safety in the workplace. We will be doing fun,  interactive activities that get us thinking about how work im pacts our bodies and our overall health and what we can do about it. We will be raffling some great gifts and there will be FOOD! (Yum, yum!)




WCCNY, WJC, and Crispin honored with Food Justice Award!

On September 20th Food Chain Workers Alliance  honored the Workers’ Center of CNY (WCCNY), Worker Justice Center, and WCCNY member Crispin Hernandez for our on going fight to win the right to organize for farmworkers. WCCNY and WJC member Arminio along with WCCNY organizers Rebecca and Fabiola, and WJC farmworker advocate Carly went to New York City to accept the awards on behalf of Crispin and both organiziations. Although Crispin could not be there, here are some of the powerful and important words he wanted to share in a prepared statement:

“In May of this year we sued the state and the NY governor and now we keep going. We will win the protected right to organize for all the agricultural workers and we will continue to fight for dignity and respect so that it is not easy for the employers like Marks Farms to fire workers.

I want to tell you that I feel very motivated when I know that we have your support. I am in this struggle not only for me but for all of us. One alone can’t change much, but together we will win. Sí se puede!”

We continue to be proud of our members and farmworkers like Crispin that are determined to win the rights that farmworkers deserve. Si Se puede!

WCCNY's Wins "Joe Hill" Award at Tompkins County Labor Day Picnic!

This past Labor Day weekend, Workers’ Center of CNY participated in two great Labor Day events. On Sunday, WCCNY worker-leaders Crispin and Saul along with organizers Fabiola, Rebecca, and Nikeeta participated in  Labor in the Pulpit at All Saints Church and Grace Episcopal Church.  At Grace Episcopal Church, Saul told his story about organizing for health and safety and against retaliation and abuse at Marks Farm, he invited the church to support the Green Light NY: Driving Together/Luz Verde NY: Manejando Juntos and he and Rebecca collected signatures for the Green Light/Luz Verde petition and donations.


Grace Episcopal church goer signing the Green Light/Luz Verde petition.

At All Saints Church, Crispin also told his story about the Marks Farm organizing and explained why it’s important for our community to support the Green Light NY: Driving Together/Luz Verde NY: Manejando Juntos campaign to expand access to driver’s licenses for immigrants. The congregants were extremely warm, receptive, and supportive of our work and on-going campaigns. We collected 30 signatures for the Green Light petition and All Saints signed on in support of the campaign as an organization.


Crispin addressing congregation of All Saints with Fabiola interpreting.

We want to thank Rector Johanna Marcure and the congregants at Grace Episcopal Church and Father Frederick Daley, Meg Ksander, and all of the parishioners at All Saints Church for their support, time, and donations. Also a special thanks to Joseph Paparone from the Labor Religion Coalition of New York State for connecting us with All Saints Church.

Tompkins County 33rd Annual Labor Day Picnic

On Labor Day, WCCNY members, volunteers, and organizers went to the Tompkins County Workers’ Center Midstate Central Labor Council’s 33rd annual Labor Day Picnic where WCCNY and Worker Justice Center (WJC) farmworker members were honored with the Joe Hill for our on going farmworker organizing.

WCCNY members Damien, Pascual, Andres, Jacqueline, and volunteer Chris all did an amazing job representing the organization! Pascual and Damien read the statements on behalf of Crispin and Antonio sharing their stories not just about the unjust working conditions on farms but the importance of collectively standing up to these injustices. Chris and Jacqueline did an awesome job of working the table at the event!  They helped to collect over 80 signatures for the Green Light/Luz Verde petition, sold WCCNY t-shirts, buttons, and other merchandise, and met a lot of great new people interested in our organization and work.

We want to thank the Tompkins County Workers’ Center and the Midstate Central Labor Council for recognizing the important work that WCCNY and WJC farmworker members have been doing in the fight for the dignity and justice for farmworkers. And of course we are extremely proud of and grateful for our WCCNY members who continue to tirelessly work to build and grow the organization and keep fighting for justice!

Si Se Puede!