Call Katko to Demand CLEAN Dream Act by End of the Year

Wed. Dec 20th & Thurs. Dec. 21st 9am-5pm To
The Workers’ Center of CNY, the New York Immigration Coalition, and other people of conscience are calling elected officials like Congressman John Katko to remind him to keep his critical promise to pass a CLEAN Dream Act before the holidays. The same way that legislators like Katko will surely look forward to being with their loved ones, it’s time to make it so that young undocumented immigrants can also be reassured that they will spend the upcoming holidays and future holidays with their families.

Please take a few minutes to sign up for a time to call John Katko and fill out this quick form once you make the call!  We need to drive as many calls to Katko as possible this week before he goes on break. CLEAN Dream Act Now!

Good News for Dolores!

As many of you know, our friend Dolores had an immigration hearing today in Batavia this morning. We are happy to report back that because her interpreter was sick, her court appearance has been rescheduled to May 8, 2018. This means that Dolores will have more time to be with her family and it also gives her lawyer more time to continue strengthening and working on her asylum case. Today Dolores said that she is going to continue to fight to stay with her family and she appreciates the outpouring of support and solidarity from all of you. We would like to thank all of you for coming out this morning and braving the cold to send a message that Dolores is here to stay! Check out this media coverage of the press conference and rally today in The Batavian. Si se puede!

No Dream, No deal! Last push for a Clean Dream Act! 12/22

Let’s canvass Katko’s neighborhood!

Now that DACA has ended, we need a solution urgently, and we are demanding that our elected officials include the Clean Dream Act in the spending budget before going home for the holidays.
It is absolutely critical that Congress passes a Clean Dream Act! Let’s ask Katko to keep his promise to ensure a solution for our undocumented brothers and sisters by the end of the year.

We will meet at the WCCNY office and drive to Camilus together to drop off some lawn signs!!

Link to the Facebook Event Here

Vigil and Rally For Dolores Press Release


Fiesta de Navidad/ Christmas Party 12/23

(En Español abajo)
Christmas Party potluck/ Fiesta de Navidad!
Join us for music and food to celebrate a year of organizing and resistance. Members, friends and allies, all are welcomed. Let us know if children will be attending, we will have a small gift for them. DJ and live music! Please bring a food item to share if you can.

Acompáñenos para celebrar un año de organizar y resistir. Miembros, amigos y aliados todos son bienvenidos. Por favor déjenos saber si vienen niños para tenerles un pequeño regalo para ellos. Les agradecemos que traigan un platillo para compartir, si pueden. DJ y música en vivo!

RSVP on Facebook Here

Keep Our Jobs and Food Safe: Poultry Plant Jobs Are Some of The Most Dangerous

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Another tragedy at Marks Dairy Farm in Lowville, NY

Dairy farms can be a dangerous workplace. Between 2006 and 2015, there have been 69 dairy farm fatalities, according to data compiled by the New York state Department of Health.

We wrote this op-ed to review the history of labor abuse at this farm, and why maybe this fatality was preventable.

By Carly Fox and Rebecca Fuentes | Special to

We didn’t personally know Ryan C. Ouellette, the dairy worker who was killed in a tragic workplace “accident” Nov. 19, 2017, at Marks Farm, a factory farm on the southern border of the Adirondacks in Lowville, but we are deeply saddened by his death. Ouellette died after his head became trapped in a manure separator machine. This tragedy occurred on the eve of our nation’s day to give thanks for food and family. Despite years of efforts by farmworkers and advocates to improve health and safety conditions at Marks Farm, dairy farmworkers continue to be exposed to significant risks of injury and death that are ultimately preventable.

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Vigil to Support Dolores 12/19

After fleeing abuse in Mexico, Dolores settled in Wayne County with her young daughter as a single Mom more than 13 years ago. As a valued worker on an apple farm, a community leader of farmworker women, worker rights advocate and active Board member of two organizations, Dolores deserves to stay in Wayne County with her young daughter where she has made her home. She has represented farmworker women and testified at conferences in the US including at Harvard and Washington, DC, helps her fellow farmworkers in need, and contributes to her community. In 2014, when Dolores was stopped for a minor traffic violation, State Police turned her over to immigration authorities and she was placed in deportation proceedings. December 19, 2017, is the trial that may sadly end in Dolores’ removal to Mexico. Let’s say NO to her deportation!!

Stand in solidarity with Dolores!
Keep families together! Stop deportations now!

#DreamActNow Diana Sánchez and Her Daughters Write a Letter to Ellen

This past November we had the honor to organize with Diana Sánchez and her courageous young daughters when we brought thanksgiving dinner to congressman John Katko’s office In Syracuse to ask him to support a Clean Dream Act. This is a beautiful video featuring Diana and her daughters speaking about their wishes for this Christmas. Please continue to call your congress representatives and ask them to pass a Clean Dream Act before the end of the year. Families like Diana’s deserve to live in peace without fear of separation.

Dear Ellen, These Girls Have a Letter for You

The best thing you'll watch today: These young daughters of Dreamer moms skipped a letter to Santa this year and instead wrote to Ellen DeGeneres.Watch then show your support for a #DreamActNow:

Posted by on Thursday, December 7, 2017

Worker’s Center Presente!

Worker’s Center presente! Members and friends of the Center are in route to Washington DC to be part of a massive rally to demand a Clean Dream Act and WCCNY organizers are participating in the National Coalition of Occupational Health and Safety conference in Baltimore. Thank you to all of you who support and believe in our mission, we keep resisting and fighting for workers and immigrants dignity and respect. Thank you to New York Immigration coalition and Interfaith Workers Justice for standing with us in la lucha.