Novenario for the eternal rest of Selena Hidalgo Calderon

You are cordially invited to the novenario for the eternal rest of Selena Hidalgo Calderon, Selena is the daughter of our friend and compañera Estela Calderon. Selena was a young mother and farmworker from Guatemala victim of domestic violence. Her little son Owen, has not been found. In Syracuse this tragedy has broken our hearts, especially at the Workers’ Center, as Estela and her family are esteemed members of our organization. We have been supporting the family and thanks to a network of allies, we have been with the family providing childcare, food and transportation as well as community. Last week we started a novenario, an Indigenous and Catholic tradition of 9 days of mourning with the family. Every night at 7pm we gather for prayers and to be with Estela and her family. Another way to support the family is donating to their fundraiser page: or making donations of food, help with transportation and childcare.


6/5/2018, 7:00 PM
Para la ubicación, llame (for location, call): 315-657-6799

Por favor no traigan flores rojas ni amarillas. | Please don’t bring red or yellow flowers. White flowers are preferred.

Mayo 28-Junio 5

El día de hoy continuamos el novenario para eterno descanso de Selena Hidalgo Calderon. Pueden estacionase en el estacionamiento que está cruzando  la calle, enfrente de la casa.

Por favor traigan un platillo o comida para compartir durante la cena que seguirá, si pueden.

Se agradece su presencia y la de su familia. Un novenario es una ceremonia de 9 días de oración con elementos católicos y raíces Indígenas en el país latinoamericano en el que se practica. Esta tradición ayuda a guiar el alma de un ser querido fallecido a la próxima vida. Se rezará un rosario en español y se proporcionarán folletos para ayudar a las personas a participar. No necesitas ser católico para asistir.

May 28-June 5

Today, we continue the novenario for the eternal rest of Selena Hidalgo Calderon. You can park in the parking lot that is across the street in front of the house.

Please bring a dish or food to share during the dinner that will follow, if you can.

Your presence and the presence of your family is appreciated. A novenario is a 9-day ceremony of prayer with Catholic elements and Indigenous roots in the Latin American country it is practiced in. This tradition helps guide the soul of a deceased loved one to the next life. A rosary will be prayed in Spanish and booklets will be provided to help people follow along and participate. You don’t have to be Catholic to attend.

Un agradecimiento especial a Workers’ Center of Central New York



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