Press Release: Grandmother Urges Continued Search for Owen

Thursday May 31st, 2018

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Sara Curtis 585-447-2125

Syracuse, NY: Grandmother Urges Continued Search for Owen.

Estela Calderon will be meeting today with the Wayne County Sheriff’s office and the District Attorney to get updates on the search for her missing grandson, 14-month-old Owen Hidalgo Calderon.

Though the Amber Alert was canceled Tuesday, we urge the Wayne County Sheriff’s office, fire departments, and volunteers to keep up hopes of finding Owen alive. “I want the search to continue,” said Estela. “My hope is that Owen is found alive, that the monster who did this to my daughter tells us where Owen is so I can go get my little boy and give to him the love and care I can no longer give to my daughter.”

Estela and the Workers’ Center of Central New York would like to extend our deepest and most heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to the community members and organizations throughout Central New York and beyond who continue to search for Owen and who work to find justice for his mother, Selena.

We are also deeply grateful to the immigrant farmworkers who have been instrumental in providing statements and other crucial information to the authorities. Even in this current climate, where immigrant communities have a deep fear and mistrust of law enforcement, farmworkers have been providing statements to law enforcement and supporting the family. What we have heard from the farmworker community is that they are extremely unsettled by the fact that a killer may have been in their midst.

Lastly, Estela appreciates all of the support, love, and solidarity she has received. Members, friends, and staff of the Workers’ Center of Central New York have created an online fundraising campaign to support her and her family in this truly difficult time. Losing a child–especially to such senseless violence–is a pain no mother should have to bear. It is certainly not a pain or burden a mother should ever be forced to carry alone. As one supporter shared on the fundraising page: “I have also lost a daughter to violence and my heart goes out to Estela and to everyone who loved Selena. The ripples are wide.

In these very difficult times we stand in solidarity, in accompaniment, and as witnesses. We denounce all forms of violence against women and children and call attention to the particular vulnerabilities faced by immigrant families. If anyone who reads this knows or suspects an immigrant woman is suffering assure them they are not alone and please contact us at 315-218-5708 or direct them to the following resources:

Worker Justice Center of NY Domestic & Sexual Violence Project for Farm Worker Women 24-hour Crisis Hotlines – WNY (866)343-8808 & Hudson Valley Region (845)471-3033

Vera House, Inc. 24-hour Hotline (315)468-3260

The Victim Resource Center, Inc. 24-hour Hotline (866)343-8808

If you are able to contribute to a fund for Estela and her family during this difficult and painful time, please visit the following Go Fund Me page:

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