Press Release: Remembering Selena Hidalgo Calderon

Saturday June 2nd, 2018

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Syracuse, NY: Remembering Selena Hidalgo Calderon

At 2 pm on Sunday, June 3rd, friends and family of Selena Hidalgo Calderon will host a memorial service for Selena. The service will be held at St. Gregory Church, 3799 Union St. Marion, NY.

While Selena’s family will be in attendance at the memorial, they will not be speaking to the press at this time. Questions will be addressed at a press conference at 10 am on Tuesday, June 5. The press conference will be held at the Workers’ Center of CNY office located at 2013 E. Genesee St. Syracuse, NY.

The Marion memorial service is part of several remembrance events, including a novenario—nine successive days of remembrance prayers which began Monday evening in Syracuse and will conclude on June 5.

“The novenario is a nine-day ceremony of prayer with Catholic elements and Indigenous roots in the Latin American country it is practiced in,” said Janet Flores, a Workers’ Center volunteer who has been participating in the ceremonies. “This tradition helps guide the soul of a deceased person to the next life.”

For the ceremony, Selena’s mother, alongside family and friends, created an altar with images of Selena, flowers, candles, and rosaries.

“For many, these traditions are important not only as a means to pray for a loved one. They help us to deal with things like death that are too difficult to deal with alone,” said Abel Gómez, a Religion PhD student at Syracuse University who attended the first night’s ceremony.

“These practices also connect people to a sense of home,” said Gómez. ‘This is especially important for those living far from their homelands and the family they grew up with.”

Many friends and supporters who cannot attend the services have been sharing messages of support to a fundraiser for Estela’s family.

For more information about the novenario from Abel and Janet and other statements relevant to Selena, her son Owen, and her mother Estela, please visit the Workers’ Center website.

Fundraiser to support Estela
Workers’ Center of CNY

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