Remember the Dead, Fight for the Living at the Workers’ Center

Fue un día de resistencia, un día de recordar a nuestros antepasados, a los compañeros caídos, a las victimas de la violencia policiaca y de estar en solidaridad con los compañeros de #Buffalo25. Gracias a todos los que nos acompañaron, a los compañeros y compañeras miembros del Centro. Que bonita noche de recordar a los muertos y luchar por los vivos!



WCCNY Supports #Buffalo25

buffalo25solidarityFrom Movimiento Cosecha:

Esta última semana, ICE allano 4 restaurantes de comida mexicana en Buffalo, Nueva York y detuvo a 25 trabajadores indocumentados. ICE saqueó las casas de estas familias, robó sus ahorros, y estan creando terror entre la comunidad. Estas son 25 familias cuyas vidas han desgarradas y ahora están separadas.Por favor apoyan el #Buffalo25 y su familias en este momento de





WCCNY, WJC, and Crispin honored with Food Justice Award!

On September 20th Food Chain Workers Alliance honored the Workers’ Center of CNY (WCCNY), Worker Justice Center, and WCCNY member Crispin Hernandez for our on going fight to win the right to organize for farmworkers. WCCNY and WJC member Arminio along with WCCNY organizers Rebecca and Fabiola, and WJC farmworker advocate Carly went to New York City to accept the awards on behalf of Crispin and both organiziations. Although Crispin could not be there, here are some of the powerful and important words he wanted to share in a prepared statement:

“In May of this year we sued the state and the NY governor and now we keep going. We will win the protected right to organize for all the agricultural workers and we will continue to fight for dignity and respect so that it is not easy for the employers like Marks Farms to fire workers.

I want to tell you that I feel very motivated when I know that we have your support. I am in this struggle not only for me but for all of us. One alone can’t change much, but together we will win. Sí se puede!”

We continue to be proud of our members and farmworkers like Crispin that are determined to win the rights that farmworkers deserve. Si Se puede!